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Scutellaria barbata

common name > Scutellaria barbata

Latin Name: Scutellaria barbata

Common Name: Skullcap, Barbat Skullcap, Scullcap

Chinese Name: Ban Zhi Lian

Family: Lamiaceae

Energy: Cool

Taste: Slightly Bitter

Parts Used: Roots, aerial parts.

Habitat: Native to Southeast China.

Type: Herbaceous perennial.

Size: 12"

Spacing for Production: 12"

Site and Zone: Partial-shade.

Soil: Well-drained-soil, moist-soil.

Will it Grow in Texas?: Yes, with plenty of water.

Propagation: Easy to grow from seed.

Bloom time: Large bluish purple flowers.

Landscaping: Nice under a deciduous tree, kept well-watered.

Seed Sources: Seedlings2012Dec--Started in 4" pots in the greenhouse today. Germination takes 1-3 weeks.

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