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Levisticum officinalis

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Latin Name: Levisticum officinalis

Synonyms: Ligusticum levisticum

Common Name: Lovage

Family: Apiaceae

Parts Used: Leaves, stems, roots, seeds.

Habitat: Native to the eastern Mediterranean region. Naturalized in many areas of the United States.

Type: Herbaceous perennial with a fleshy root.

Size: 3-6' x 2-3'

Site and Zone: Full-sun, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z8.

Soil: Deep-soil, rich-soil, loamy-soil.

Will it Grow in Texas?: Yes.

Propagation: By seed or root division.

Bloom time: May and June

Seed Sources: Seedlings2012Dec--planted out the seeds in pots.

Websites for photos and more info: Missouri Botanical Garden

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