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Eclipta alba

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Latin Name: Eclipta alba

Common Name: Eclipta

Chinese Name: Mo Han Lian

Sanskrit Name: Bhringaraja, Kesharaja, Kesharanjana

Common Uses: Common medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Most commonly used for deficient liver and kidney yin causing dizziness, vertigo, impaired vision, muscular pain, low back pain and pain around the eyes. May help tinnitus. It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Family: Asteraceae

Energy: Cool, Dry

Taste: Sweet, Sour

Parts Used: Whole plant.

Habitat: Very common weed all over the world. It is grown commercially in parts of India as a medicinal crop.

Site and Zone: Full-sun, partial-shade.

Soil: Average-garden-soil.

Will it Grow in Texas?: Yes.

Propagation: By seeds.

Bloom time: Flowers from late spring to mid summer.

Landscaping: It is a weed and can become prolific.

Collection: Collect the plant in flower.

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