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Alnus rubra

common name > P > Alnus rubra

Latin Name: Alnus rubra

Synonyms: Alnus oregona

Common Name: Alder, Red Alder, Oregon Alder, Western Alder, Pacific Coast Alder

Family: Betulaceae

Energy: Cold, Dry

Taste: Bitter

Parts Used: Bark

Habitat: OLD old text: Most common hardwood found naturally along the coast in the Pacific Northwest, Canada and Alaska, especially in disturbed areas. Away from the coast it will grow near sources of water.

Type: Tree.

Size: Up to 120 feet.

Site and Zone: Wet areas near sources of water.

Will it Grow in Texas?: Undesirable. It's a weedy tree where it grows naturally. Better to plant a species of Alnus native to Texas such as Alnus serrulata.

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