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Cichorium intybus

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Latin Name: Cichorium intybus

Common Name: Chicory, Radicchio, Succory, Wild Succory

Sanskrit Name: Kasani

Family: Asteraceae

Taste: Bitter

Parts Used: Root, leaves

Type: Bienniel

Size: First year rosette of leaves can be 18" in diameter and flower stalks can be 3'-4' tall and sometimes spread out to 3' wide.

Spacing for Production: 12"; direct seed in the garden first two weeks in September or mid-February to mid-March in the spring; will tolerate a light frost but may need to protect plants during a very hard, long freeze.

Site and Zone: Full-sun or afternoon-shade.

Will it Grow in Texas?: Yes, will natrualize. There will be lots of flowers but not much in the way of salad greens once it gets hot.

Propagation: Will grow from seed and root transplants. Dig up roots in places where the ground freezes and store in sand in a root cellar.

Bugs & Problems: All varieties of chicory will cross-pollinate, including endive and radicchio.

Bloom time: Blooms all spring and summer. Pretty and distinctive blue flowers open in the morning and close by noon.

Landscaping: Face it, it's a weed.

Collection: Collect roots in the fall.

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